Luigi RETRO-CUSTOM Amplification

HRD2ODS Retrofit PCB

BluesMaster ODS whole amp board for Fender HRD replacement and scratch builds - 16.457" x 4.788"

With this retrofit PC Board, you can turn your Hot Rod Deluxe, Hot Rod Deville, Blues Deluxe or Blues Deville amp into a Dumble Style fire breathing monster.

Please look over the schematic, the BOM, the Footprint Dimensions Drawing with mounting hole locations, and the Build Notes document before you decide to purchase a board. At this point, we know the board is a direct drop-in replacement as far as fit and mounting hole locations for the Hot Rod Deluxe amp. This is the amp that was used as a template for the board. It was thought that the board would also drop right in to the other two; Hot Rod Deville and Blues Deluxe, but we have since learned on the original Blues Deluxe that, despite the board being the same size, the mounting holes are in different locations, so a bit of additional chassis drilling is in order. Which casts some doubt as to whether the board will drop right in to the Hard Rock Deville as no one has done a conversion on this platform yet. However, the Blues Deluxe Reissue is reported to fit the board without additional drilling. We suggest you use the PCB Footprint Drawing to determine wither it will fit into your specific chassis.

There will be some chassis drilling required. For instance, some of the small, square holes that now accommodate push-button switches on the front panel will need to be drilled out to 1/4” round holes to accommodate panel-mounted mini toggle switches. As well, most of the 3/8” jack holes on the front panel will need to be enlarged to accommodate the new, isolated jacks. Also, mounting holes at the tube sockets will need to be drilled by the customer.

Have a look at the docs, and feel free to email us if you have questions. Also, know that if you do purchase a board, we will be available by email to help with any roadblocks you might encounter. Our response time is usually very quick.

The HRD2ODS project is an adventurous undertaking. If you have not already successfully finished a few builds, we wouldn't recommend it at this time.

Price is $84.95 plus shipping to the Continental US.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are located outside the US please contact us before you place your order so we can give you the cost to ship to your location.

Audio sample courtesy monkeymatic