Luigi RETRO-CUSTOM Amplification

LRC-PS-2 Triple Output Power Supply

Power Supply Board +/-15V & +5V from unused Bias Winding. Use with Digital Reverb Board - 3.350" x 1.500"

The LRC-PS-2 Triple Output Power Supply Board provides +15VDC @ 40mA, -15VDC @ 40mA and +5VDC @ 100mA from an unused 5VAC Power Transformer winding.

Note, if your build does not have an unused 5VAC winding, a small power transformer can be added if you have room in your chassis for it. Contact us if you need help in selecting an appropriate transformer.

Although specifically designed to accompany our LRC-DR-2 Digital Reverb Board, the LRC-PS-2 Power Supply can be used to power a variety of Analog and Digital circuits, as long as its output current ratings are not exceeded.

PLEASE NOTE: If your amp's Power Transformer has a 5VAC winding that is being used to power a rectifier tube, SEVERE DAMAGE TO THE LRC-PS-2 WILL RESULT if connected to the same winding!

Price is $16.95 plus shipping to the Continental US.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are located outside the US please contact us before you place your order so we can give you the cost to ship to your location.