Luigi RETRO-CUSTOM Amplification

LRC-VT9A Noval PCB Parallel Heaters

For those who dread wiring heater strings; enter the Luigi Retro-Custom VT9A

The Luigi Retro-Custom VT9A, Rev A pc board is soldered to the Belton VT9-ST-1 Bottom Mount Noval Socket. This board gives you two solder pads for each pin. But the neat trick is, pins 4 and 5 are tied together with a trace that runs across the board, ending in two solder pads right next to pin 9’s solder pads, making heater string wiring much easier.

The board measures 24mm in diameter. The price is for the board only, the socket will need to be purchased separately.

Sold in packs of 10. Price is $32.50 per 10-pack, plus $8.00 for shipping to the Continental US.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are located outside the US please contact us before you place your order so we can give you the cost to ship to your location.

We also have a mix pack with four VT8A boards and six VT9A boards. Price is $32.50 per pack, plus $8.00 for shipping to the Continental US.