Luigi RETRO-CUSTOM Amplification

LRC-VT9A-EL84 Noval PCB EL84

9-Pin Noval Adapter Board for EL84 or any Noval Tube

The Luigi Retro-Custom LRC-VT9A-EL84, Rev A pc board is soldered to the Belton VT9-ST-1 Bottom Mount Noval Socket. This board gives you two solder pads for each pin, and is designed for use with EL84 tubes, or any novel 9-pin application where you need individual connectivity to each of the 9-pins.

The board measures 24mm in diameter. The price is for the board only, the socket will need to be purchased separately.

Sold in packs of 10. Price is $32.50 per 10-pack, plus $8.00 for shipping to the Continental US.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are located outside the US please contact us before you place your order so we can give you the cost to ship to your location.

We also have a mix pack with four EL84 boards and six VT9A boards. Price is $32.50 per pack, plus $8.00 for shipping to the Continental US.